WLAN Compliance Guide in Indonesia

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~TA Today,~ It is very important for you guys who want to obtain for type approval certification products. Since the new regulation of 5GHz is not issued yet until Today, you have to know about the National standards for certification of WLAN devices in Indonesia before applying.

WLAN approval test will be based on KEPDIRJEN No.058/DIRJEN/1998 [indoor application], KEPDIRJEN No.268/DIRJEN/2001 [outdoor application] and Most of National standards are mainly adopted from IEEE 802.11. The key parameters are as follows:

  • Access Control Protocol Method: CSMA/CA
  •  Maximum Bit Error Rate: 10¯ 8
  •  Operating Frequency : 2.4 – 2.4835 GHz
  •  EIRP : 27 dBW (indoor utilization) while 36 dBW equal to 4 W 9point to point outdoor utilization) and 30 dBW equal to 1 W (point to multipoint outdoor utilization)
  •  Maximum Tx Power : 100 mW
  •  Maximum out of band emission : -20 dBc per 100 KHz
  •  Spread spectrum : FHSS or DSSS
  •  Minimum data access : DSSS shall be 11 Mbps / channel and FHSS shall be 3 Mbps / channel
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