RFID Products Applicable Guide in Indonesia

TA want to update the applicable standards for RFID products in Indonesia

RFID approval test will be based on national standard: KEPDIRJEN No.214/DIRJEN/2005 for RFID operation in 13.56 MHz, with the key parameters are as follows:
  •  Radiated Emission Limits
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  • Error Frequency shall be below 50 KHz
  •  The Transmission power shall be below 10mW (ERP)
Another kind of RFID approval test will be based on national standar: KEPDIRJEN No.221/DIRJEN/2007 for RFID Operated in 923 – 925 MHz, with the key parameters as follows:

  •  Radiated Emmision Limits
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  • Tag utilized shall be passive tags
  •  Total bandwidth utilization shall be 2 MHz with maximum hopping channel 500 KHz
  •  The transmission power shall be below 2000mW (ERP)
  •  Modulation technique: Frequency Hopping Spred Spectrum (FHSS)
  •  Transmitter antenna shall be embedded with +/- 6 dBi, 5 Omega
  •  Error Frequency: +/-20 ppm from center frequency
  •  Communication ports:UART, RS-232, RS-485, USB, Serial, Parallel, LAN, WLAN, WAN
  •  Receiver Sensitivity: max 28dBµV/m or -96dBm, with impedance input 50 Omega
Actually i have posted about the applicable standard for RFID products  in Indonesia. I hope that this information above will give you more detail information regarding to obtain for type approval in Indonesia
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